Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Largest MTC in the World

MOM the language is going slowly, i can read alot. it just hard for me to make words when i teach. not sure what day I leave on but the very last day on my on my schedlue here is the 15th so it could be that day or maybe the weekend before that. jeremy has email me and I emailed him back for the first time today. will you also see if mikaila will go to a movie with you and hannah . i´ll pay. is she helping out will hannahs room ? how is dads work coming ?
ASHTON mexico is cool and there are really cool mountains all around me that would be way cool to climb and hike up. it´s just hard here because I can´t leave the fence. it´s like being locked at your school and you leave there.yes my comps are cool and very nice they are all different and much to learn from every one.
Hannah cool that you´re in chior now, hope you´re having fun and piano is going well still. Also that you are being nice to mikaila for me.
DAD CCM is good but i{m ready for a change of enviorment, this is the largest MTC in the world and i still feel locked up. i feel for mikaila in provo for 9 weeks. spanish is slow but coming, i can read alot but talk ing is hard. will come in time. i really like the love that is portrade in the book of Mormom, makes me realize i would do anything for you guys and mikaila.. yes we watch conference all sessions on sunday. harbor and duran haven{t wrote me anything yet. will you send me another frisbee( arobee) mine was stolen here. not sure what day i leave but i get to got to the temple the first week that i´m in el salvador.

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