Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30th Pics :)

Dear President...2 Baptisms Coming Up!!

Dear president where dose the time go it seems like i was just here writing you last week. So we have been working with investigators and they both just pasted the interview for bap. so we have two baptizums on the 4th of january a 19 year old and a 60 something yr guy. Both are great and very intelligent I know that both will really help out this little rama in the area of preisthood. we had a specail meetin with all the leaders in our area to apply the 12 week program of missionaries to the learders. We are working with the president because the stake presisdent wants every one to have a PMG and these CDs but the pres. of our rama say he has no funds to add the cause. So we will see how that all works out. As for elder Arrayan and my self we are just getting ready to change house again. the new house is truely quite nice and large for just the two of us, plenty of room to have two more elders in the area. Seem that a volcano when off, crazy hope all the other missionaries are doing well and will pray for them. happy to have had the chance to skype my family and share in the spirit of christmas. Not much else, tryin g to learn spanish still and build confidence speaking with others. thanks for every thing

Elder Hunt

More Pics :)

Dear President

Dear president, things ar going really well here in Sesunte. I am getting use to the walking up and down hills all the time but it is still not my favorite ting to do in life. I am trying to be truely sincer in my prays for the spirit. One of our invertigators came with us to work one day. he is really great and super intelligent. I know that he is going to be a great member and every getter missionary. We had a small lesson with him in the chaple after church and in his prayer he started to cry and we all could truely testify that the spirit was present and working in him. grateful for all his faith. We have been making alot of contacts and new investigators (familys). Elder Holyoak is a great leader and i can tell from his prayers that he is truely guided by the spirt and elder arrayan is so loving and knows what people need to feel durning a street contact or in a lesson to invoke the spirt. We were able to what the christmas address with the rama in a projector. was very peacful exspirence. I hope that all is going well with your adventures in life with the family . I look forward to seeing you in the coming week. Elder Hunt

4 Months

So here is a email of just every thing that i have been doing exspirenced and stuff. So i live in a area called moncagua it´s in the zone san miguel and in the east mission. We have changes on tuesday of this week and i still don´t know if i am going to stay in the same area and same trainner or if i am going some where else. the ward is great and we work all over the plave taking buses and walking alot. I have been collecting and pressing more flowers like i did in the MTC so i hope to have a bunch in years. We eat beans, plantans, eggs and some kind of HOT drink every morning at the bishops house then lunsh here is DINNER a big meal that is HOT also. So eating some times is hard because the weather is hot yo{u don´t want to eat hot food too. and them at dinner every night we have pupusas fron the bishops family. I feel great now and I am no longer sick. so i am starting to work out in the morning time again and I get up early to read the book of mormon, Guess what. I REALLY like the read now it´s all in want to do is read and study the gosple, like you were sharing mikaila the importance is knowing the gosple and the spirit will fill in the language gap. I cried at one of our lessons about the atonment and truely felt the spirit there. A crazy thing that happend was that area next to us the elders left so out of no were, we go alll their investigators and less actives we can only work with them at the church or at the house of a memeber we are not allowed to enter their area so the poeple have to travel to moncagua. in a long bus ride we watch Caragous it is a great stroy of what is means to man and chossing to do the right thing for your self and your family and always putting faith in god first. That is something that i have learned here is that I was not the best son, friend, boyfriend or menmber of the church for a long time so for that I am sorry. I know that all of you must really love me to put up with all my shinanigens in life. But i would like you all to know that i love living the way that i do now and can feel the spirit in my life so strongly. I hope that when i get back i am able to make up for past times with all you guys. I love the feeling of having time to study the scripuiters every day. my testimony grows every day. THANK YOU personaly MIKAILA, MOM DAD and BENETTON for your examples . Well I am not sure if i am going to get a package in time and i also sent a every important package to mikaila in the MTC through a friend in san diego. I hope taht she gets it. But thank you for all you guys have done for me and her. I am going to get my self a new watch today mine broke two weeks ago so it´s TIME ha ha for a new one. Well I love you guys very much and look forward to seeing pictures of christmas time. there is a few poeple here that have trees and lights an stuff but it´s always hot here so kinda feels silly seeing that stuff. did you guys get the pictures from my Pday adventure? How is every one doing in life? also I have been talking alot about all of you guys with the elders in the house kirra mikaila little sister, there is an elder here that is just like her when she grows up. CRAZY. i look forward to talking with you guys and also going to the temple again here. well time flys here I will be here 4 months in dec 4th. love you all until next time. eldre hunt

A Peak into the Life of Elder Hunt (Pics)

things are great here I was sick but now i am all better and there is a picture of my room i sleep with these christmas lights that make the room glo red, we are working on two more baptisums this month. we travel to other towns by bus and work with less actives and investigators out there but the buses never really are on time so we have a 1 hour walk back to town them more work. but i got to go to walmart by surprise we had a new missionary training and a multi zone we eat well and the house we live in is cheap. got mikailas emails and also lances hope you are getting the pictures. we visited a hot spring and got lost in the jungle. ha ah love you all very much and will send more pictures


we have a family that feeds us all but 4 meals a week and also a family that does our lundry, not sure about thanksgiving did nothing for halloween, tell chase hey and hope he is enjoying life. proud of ashton he`s a great guy. we only get mail and packages ebvery 6 weeks so in like two weeks i should get them all. also forgot to tell you guys that we have fireflies here and that we are going on a hike in the mountains today for pday and i`m going to try and get pictures for next week. we worked with this man last night and he was playing the guitar and w just randomly ducked out of the rain that was POURING in to his house talked for a while and he said that my spanish was better then my companions. ha ha i don`t belive that but was nice to here. worked with the zone learder and the assistant to the president both really
Dear Sister Hunt,
Your good son and his companion were coming out of the market in the third largest town in the country (yes much food like home). What a special person to be serving in a third world country! Lynn and Jim Avery


So we shop in town once a week and get to email for 30min as a new mission rule, the pictures look great. thank you so much for getting the kendoma for mikaila. The area that i live in is moncagua and is a small town but the ward is probably the best in all of El salvador small in numbers compared to the states but full of love. Yes we had a church building that we meet in but the piano sounds like there as dead cats inside is and every note is out of tune. we teach and english classes on saturday and at the same time have the scriputres playing on CD for memeber and investigators that can´t read. there is a very large number of people that can´t read here so when i have a hard time reading in spanish I don´t feel so bad. we are in a ward.I could bve here for either 6 weeks or 12 weeks just depend on the changes. also we are going to get new mission president in a few months so my relase date might be pushed forward a few weeks. not sure but what ever. I really like it here and the more that i get to know the people the more i feel that i am in just the right place. I´ll let you know when i get my first package. well low in time love you guys lots and will always pray for you elder hunt