Monday, December 30, 2013


So we shop in town once a week and get to email for 30min as a new mission rule, the pictures look great. thank you so much for getting the kendoma for mikaila. The area that i live in is moncagua and is a small town but the ward is probably the best in all of El salvador small in numbers compared to the states but full of love. Yes we had a church building that we meet in but the piano sounds like there as dead cats inside is and every note is out of tune. we teach and english classes on saturday and at the same time have the scriputres playing on CD for memeber and investigators that can´t read. there is a very large number of people that can´t read here so when i have a hard time reading in spanish I don´t feel so bad. we are in a ward.I could bve here for either 6 weeks or 12 weeks just depend on the changes. also we are going to get new mission president in a few months so my relase date might be pushed forward a few weeks. not sure but what ever. I really like it here and the more that i get to know the people the more i feel that i am in just the right place. I´ll let you know when i get my first package. well low in time love you guys lots and will always pray for you elder hunt

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