Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Months

So here is a email of just every thing that i have been doing exspirenced and stuff. So i live in a area called moncagua it´s in the zone san miguel and in the east mission. We have changes on tuesday of this week and i still don´t know if i am going to stay in the same area and same trainner or if i am going some where else. the ward is great and we work all over the plave taking buses and walking alot. I have been collecting and pressing more flowers like i did in the MTC so i hope to have a bunch in years. We eat beans, plantans, eggs and some kind of HOT drink every morning at the bishops house then lunsh here is DINNER a big meal that is HOT also. So eating some times is hard because the weather is hot yo{u don´t want to eat hot food too. and them at dinner every night we have pupusas fron the bishops family. I feel great now and I am no longer sick. so i am starting to work out in the morning time again and I get up early to read the book of mormon, Guess what. I REALLY like the read now it´s all in want to do is read and study the gosple, like you were sharing mikaila the importance is knowing the gosple and the spirit will fill in the language gap. I cried at one of our lessons about the atonment and truely felt the spirit there. A crazy thing that happend was that area next to us the elders left so out of no were, we go alll their investigators and less actives we can only work with them at the church or at the house of a memeber we are not allowed to enter their area so the poeple have to travel to moncagua. in a long bus ride we watch Caragous it is a great stroy of what is means to man and chossing to do the right thing for your self and your family and always putting faith in god first. That is something that i have learned here is that I was not the best son, friend, boyfriend or menmber of the church for a long time so for that I am sorry. I know that all of you must really love me to put up with all my shinanigens in life. But i would like you all to know that i love living the way that i do now and can feel the spirit in my life so strongly. I hope that when i get back i am able to make up for past times with all you guys. I love the feeling of having time to study the scripuiters every day. my testimony grows every day. THANK YOU personaly MIKAILA, MOM DAD and BENETTON for your examples . Well I am not sure if i am going to get a package in time and i also sent a every important package to mikaila in the MTC through a friend in san diego. I hope taht she gets it. But thank you for all you guys have done for me and her. I am going to get my self a new watch today mine broke two weeks ago so it´s TIME ha ha for a new one. Well I love you guys very much and look forward to seeing pictures of christmas time. there is a few poeple here that have trees and lights an stuff but it´s always hot here so kinda feels silly seeing that stuff. did you guys get the pictures from my Pday adventure? How is every one doing in life? also I have been talking alot about all of you guys with the elders in the house kirra mikaila little sister, there is an elder here that is just like her when she grows up. CRAZY. i look forward to talking with you guys and also going to the temple again here. well time flys here I will be here 4 months in dec 4th. love you all until next time. eldre hunt

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