Monday, December 30, 2013


we have a family that feeds us all but 4 meals a week and also a family that does our lundry, not sure about thanksgiving did nothing for halloween, tell chase hey and hope he is enjoying life. proud of ashton he`s a great guy. we only get mail and packages ebvery 6 weeks so in like two weeks i should get them all. also forgot to tell you guys that we have fireflies here and that we are going on a hike in the mountains today for pday and i`m going to try and get pictures for next week. we worked with this man last night and he was playing the guitar and w just randomly ducked out of the rain that was POURING in to his house talked for a while and he said that my spanish was better then my companions. ha ha i don`t belive that but was nice to here. worked with the zone learder and the assistant to the president both really

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