Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter 1: The CCM (The MTC)

I´m not sure if the address is right that you gave me for the MTC here or not, they have checked the mail and I haven´t gotten anything. So maybe have mikaila just email me her letter rather then dear elder. They haven´t said anything on who I can and can´t email here in the MTC or we call it the CCM. Tuesday is my P-day just so you can know when to check and see íf I´ve emailed you back or not. send me as many as you´d like because I just take a picture of the screen with my camera and I can read them all week long. So please tell benetton and the kids to email me all they want to, mikaila as well or anybody really. I don´t have mikaila´s missionary email could you get that for me so that we can stay in contact when she leaves, the same for harbor and duran could you give me their new emails when they get back and tell them I love them. It´s nice here it rains every day in the morning a little drizzle and later in the day it poors and stops when it wants to then startes back up again. It´s not hot here at all due to how much it rains every day, also the sun never comes out some be hind the clouds, lots of fog in the morning too. So on the plane ride her I meet Elder Medina and he is in my district as well (district 12B) our next flight I meet up with a few other elders from around arizonza and out final flight there was about 30 elders and 6 sisters all flying to the CCM. we got here and it started to rain and I knew that I would like the change from our hot dry little desert, the plants grow up every building and are lush. It´s really cool. the roads here are like drivingon dirt but with pot wholes and people go every which way they want. the bus ride was about on hour from the airport and we are in the heart of Mexico City. the pland we are on is about 90 acrs ! yeah it´s really BIG. but we are sarounded by a large brick wall with a fench and barbwire on top so it almost feels like boarder or prison wall. We stay in side the wall unless we got to the temple on P day which we are going today, everyting there is in spanish so this will be interresting. My companion is Elder Smartt he is from Messa AZ and is Somoan but was adopted when he was little so ´he´s really just white. we live in dorms here our building is A and our room is 305. there is 6 of us to a apartement with 3 rooms about the size of moms bathroom. two twin beds a desk and closets. we all share a bathroom and there is a front room to just use for whatever. elder smartt is a really nice guy he is 18 and a strong and opened minded elder, his spanish is really good, he still has a lot to learn but it´s nice to have him when we are teaching a lesson. the other roommates are elder becker and elder ma´ lona they are a companion ship of a really skinny white kid and a pretty large somoan guy they are 18 and 19. And then we have natives from mexico that live with us that are very interresting. one thing that i guess is normal for people in Mexioco is that their pipes are small and as to not mess them up they wipe their bums and throw it in the trash, ha ha this makes elder Ma ´alona SO mad he hates it. I laugh really hard here all the time I think that I will have a 6 pack from just laughing. we have a pretty back to back scehdual here, wake up at 630 then we spend pretty much the whole day in the our class room as a district learing the language, scripture and preparing our lessons to teach. everyone speaks as much spainsh a they can and then the rest is english. we ahve a mock in vestigator that alot of the missionaries here think is really but we just let them be and smile about there successes. her name is danile and elder smartt and myself really focuse in getting to know our investigator and her needs, listening and learning before we try to teacher her. rather then just force things apoun her. we have a similar personality but are different enough to keep things new. we both need to work on not using as much slang with one another as this is not proper or missionary like. which is a great habit to start anyways. the food here is alway something new and DIFFERENT ha ha every one new here is just spending so much time in the bathroom. Ithink im just usé to it ha favorite thu far was yesterday they gave us the option of meat of this really weird red sandwhich thing( I try everything that look weird) that was AMAZING. It was a veggitarin sandwhich and I had about 3 of them. there is lots of options of what to eat but every one here treats neutela like it´s meth! so many sandwhiches of neutela. besides that on sunday we have videos and meet in the adiutorium as a whole CCM. our CCM president is president pratt and he spoke with us about inviting the holy ghost with our actions not just in prayer. then we wated a devotional from the provo MTC from elder holand from this past year 2013. he spoke on how the preach my gosple is for missionaries to become converted them selfs. he can not live it an inactive RM. that was really good but hard to stay awake from all the studying and they are the softes chairs we see all week. the day ends with a movie on sundays. this one was called ¨the Legusy¨ I would advise to watch it you gain a very HIGH respect for the early members and their hardships. its also´very cheesey and funny. we meet as a district each night and plane for the next day and recape what we felt and learned from today. its where I feel the spirit the strongest and friendships the most. at our apatment we hang out with elder becker and ma´alona befor bed and we pray for everyone and you guys too. we pray alot here. ha ha there is a few other elders that I really like elder brich and elder taylor they make me laugh really hard. on sunday we all write a 5 min talk in as much spanish as we can and then they just call in random people to speak, so if your talk is not down it´s really embarissing. we both spoke on sunday and mine was 90% engilsh but is was nice to hear the I touched some poeple here and they all tell me that the spanish will come. i´m also the senior compainon and our distirct learder is elder withers her is amazing at spanish is should already be in the mission feild, but the lord knows that we need him here and it{s a major blessing. sorry if the worda are all messed up i only have an hour here and the keyboards are all different. please let evey one kow that I´m doing really well and that I want to hear from them. thanks you for all your notes I find them EVERY WHERE. the umbrella is the best thing I have so thanks you . please be careful when you climb mikaila know that you own me your life:) I have so much more love you all of you already and I know that I miss you but understand that I am not home sick my love just is SO strong that i wish i could share in this expirence with you as well. no worries about me coming home i´m having to much fun and growing to much to give up. i love you all and im going to try and add some pictures in another email. bye

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