Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letter #2 Time

So time here is weird the hours go by very slowly but the days and weeks are what go fast. Not sure if i´m going to repeat myself or not here. So this week there was so many different things that happened, I was able to go to the temple last tuesday after emailing you all. it was awazing the celestial room is small but the spirit is very stong in there. There is only the old video there and they play it in spainsh but i got headphones to hear english. I really like the old video more. I pray so much here, probably more then all of you do, But i prayed for all of you in the temple and i put benetton's name on the temple roll. I feel so blessed to see the extreme difference through the doors of the temple. So dirty and loud out there, but pure white and heavenly sillence. elder smartt and my self made a list of goals to try and keep to better our selfs. I´m not only trying to become a great missionary. but the man that I want to be for the rest of my life, early morning runs, language study, respecting every one and doing every thing that the lord asks of me in FAITH. that is the biggest thing for me here is that I´m learning FAITH. to trust that god is standing in where I was to help you all through your need and protect you. Like I said I pray for you all at lest 20 times a day. so to answer alot of your questions. the food here is like that of a high school cafe. you can go back and get as much as you want, there is fuirt and salad all the time and some form of beans and rice. I alway try everything that is here but some time is just to rough and I just have a salad. I enjoy gym time here there is a lot to choose from full into and out door basket ball gyms. two different weight rooms and a few different soccer feilds with oull up bars out and around too. also there is a foot ball feild here that we have been playing ultimate fesbree on in the rainy mist type stuff that looks like snow. happy to have brought thee arobee. teaching thee investigators isn{t weird for me because i veiw it as they are practice for some one that really can use this pratice. I pray for el don de languia or the gift of tonges, for mikaila as well as she studies for her mission so stoked for here to get out in the feild and feel all these amaing blessings. we had thee oportunity to stay out late and have two different mexican feistas. there is alway fireworks and gun shots going off for all the different celibrations. on sunday we watch movies and MY heart is growing to understand what true love is and how very thank for i am for all thee harships they had to indear for us. ( i cry here so much and the other elders lover it because they are never alone) ha ha the spirt is very strong here. I am the olders of the group and the guys some time look to me as the example so i´´m tryin my best to instill good goals and values to them. not that i really have anything too amazing to share, but i try. i have pictures that i´m going to try and send you so this email probably wont be as long as the last one. but i´m starting week three here and i half way through the CCM. the poeple are great, and out district is very close. i would like for all of you to send me an up date of how your goals are coming and a picture of just something that you do throughtout the week. i want you all to be progessing as well. the language is very slow for me but i just understand that it will come in time. I have so mush that i want to say and the spirit is very strong is just need to have the words. feel free to send DEAR ELDER, i got mikailas letter and i look forward to hearing from you all in so many different ways. i love you all and can´t wait the hear from you next week.

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